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I'm not ever coming back hehe

Thats it! I went too far down the rabbit hole folks, and I ain't EVER coming back - it rocks down here!!!

I'm not home yet, but almost there, and am staying over at the relatives...I see there have been some fireworks on the board since I went down to Seattle!

Ah well, I've been on lots of dbs before and these things come and go - in the 'path' lol of spiritual awakening, there are many stages and hopefully at some point we are just ok with how things happen around us. Sure, we have preferences, but eventually can become very agreeable to Allowing things to transpire, checking our feelings about that, and choosing different if it doesn't work for us anymore. For me, PATHS is far more than placebo, it feels right, so I don't give a flying fig about anyone else's opinion.

ANYWAY...... ........I will give a short list of what this whole ME thing is about!

Describe it: Indescribeable
'Quantify' it LOL: Unquantifiable
Ok, how do you feel then? I've been blown out of my Freakin mind!!!

And the Dolphins ROCK!

The book is GREAT, don't get me wrong, but having 'been there, (Dr.) Dunn that' lmao, there is no replacement for the experience of the seminar. This is not cheap gimmickry to get your money by going to the Dr. Bartlett show - you will simply have to go with your gut, and heart, even as with PATHS, or not


More on ME (and maybe a bit on me) Later!


Stephen - now an alien from another universe

Moria, we will talk soon! Cuz I know what's on your mind
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