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Hi Kevin, I wanted to give my experience on the mood mod.

On Jan 3rd, 2007 I first viewed my mood elevation module. It is now March 20,2007. I will never forget the immediate sense of joy I felt. It was astounding! I had no idea I could feel this happy. I have always been a happy person, but never like this. People have always wondered why I was always happy, I would always say because Life is good!

What was amazing to me was that I had no idea that I was feeling so below par before this module. As the days went by, I kept checking into my mood and attitude to see if anything had changed. It was still great and getting better and better. My kids were commenting on how happy I was. It was very noticeable to my friends as well.

It hit me after the first full month I was on Paths that I had still been grieving the loss of my mother in Dec 26th 2004. I had not been able to let her go. She is in my heart and soul, but the Mood Elevation Module just helped me to think clearly and feel deeply what was also within me , and that was the utter joy of LIFE!!

I am so incredibly happy now that I almost daily burst into tears of JOY!! I am so happy and grateful now that I feel this Joy from within me. Because of this Joy, I have noticed especially children wanting to be near me and talk to me. It is so divine! I get more hugs and kisses now than ever before in my entire life.

Even if you think you are happy, if you have ever experienced any type of trauma such as losing a loved one. I highly recommend Mood Elevation. It is amazing.

People are still asking me why I am so Happy, and of course now I tell them because "LIFE IS FABULOUS, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS"
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