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Just an update

Just a quick update! As many of you who have read way back... I have been working on loosing weight, but not by dieting and all that jazz!

I started two pointing myself on this manner and also using the paths module healthy eating. What a powerful combination!

I have lost 35 lbs. I have dropped from 250lbs down to under 215lbs. I am still dropping. All of my sugar cravings have disapated completely. As a matter of fact I don't eat sweets anymore. I have given up my chocolate milk and I have no desire for these foods anymore!

It is sooo cool because all my clothes are sooo big on me now! My daughter refers to my jeans as my gangster pants, because they are like huge on me, and I walk around pulling them up! The other day we were at the park and I had my hands full of pebbles from the river, and she had to pull them up for me, cause I was about to loose them clear down to my ankles. Luckily she caught them!

Just a litte encouragement for you all... I have never gone to seminar! I have the book, but I learned to do this without even the book! I do suggest getting the book though it will make it easier. The challenge most have is that they do not believe they can do it, so they can't! I have always been one of those people who just does stuff, and doesn't think about if it is possible or not! I am not overly intellectual... okay, I am not dumb, but I float in a creative space far from most of your realities... some of you need to let go of your realities and come float with me!

YOU CAN DO THIS! IT AIN'T ROCKET SCIENCE! Maybe quantum physics, but even I got the gist of that!

Just believe and you can change your REALITY!

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