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Suzannah and Anne

Originally Posted by Ann-ticipatingSuccess View Post
Hi Suzannah

I tried to read your response in this thread 2 or 3 different times yesterday but would just get a blank white page. :/ So sorry for the delay in responding.

I was afraid that the book wouldn't be clear enough to actually teach it. It seems like something that would require a seminar.

Hopefully they will respond to your request for a midwest seminar and we'll be able to attend one.

Thanks for your help, Suzannah!

Just dropped by, and read this! I have never been to a seminar. I actually learned to two point from a conversation typing with stephen on msn. After getting quite good at it, I went and bought the book... I have been able to do amazing things with my two pointing! Go for it! If you believe you can YOU CAN!!!!

Blessings Ladies
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