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Thank you dear Moria!

Originally Posted by Moria View Post
You will have an AWESOME time at the seminar, Stephen!!

I am SO happy that there seem to be more and more people attracted to Matrix Energetics!

One day I will go to the States and attend the seminars myself...or, if we get more people here in the UK interested, bring the seminars over here!!

To anyone who hasn't yet watched the videos on their site, do so!! Especially the one about the man who hadn't had his heels on the ground for 26 years!

Get in that Matrix Mode, Stephen, and stretch some 'reality'!

Can't wait to hear about your Miracles!!

Much Love
Moria x
yes yes YES - I am already have an awesome time! I can feel the energy of all of you regarding ME.

There will be awesome people there, from all walks of life...I read on the website that this will be one of their largest EVER - 400 people! Also, this is the start of the ME certification program. And, Seattle is the home of ME - powerful stuff!

No doubt I will have lots of 'weird' stories - that means...really really cool LOL - but one that happened already was when I was in line at the Post Office with my card from my box, to get a parcel. I just KNEW it was my books and there was a bit of a line up. What happened was I started to experience the feeling I get when I TRV...there is a calm, 'deepness' to the body that is hard to describe - but I simply observed it and was curious about it.

More to come!

Thanks Moria!

Love and light,

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