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Thank you everyone!

Ok, I decided to bunch a few replies into one post.

I'm just about finished packing to head down on the first leg of my journey which is about 10 hours by car to reach Vancouver, British Columbia.

Then its about another 3.5 hours to Seattle, which I'll complete tomorrow.

Suzannahbanana: Just your name invokes ideas of fun and laughter! Thank you for your envy lol. Not only the Midwest, but also up to where I live, these guys must come!!! Thats where my own intentions to attract the people and set up a suitable seminar location come in!

Ann-ticipating...Thanks! I fully intend to rock on!

Nadine: I only just got the book and am about 2/3 done which means I have reached the point of the two point, to get to the point :P
In this very early stage, yes, I have begun to 'feel' something with this technique. However, it is a subtle matter, and is Different for every person in how it 'feels'. Things to remember: Not to 'try' hard, and relax the conscious mind which is always seeking to judge your experience, instead, just experience, without frustration...many times if that is the way it will be, for it will come! Remember, Dr. Dunn took 3 years to finally 'get it', but that was some time back, his own personal experience, and ME has come a long way, including how to open people up to it - my point being it will not take you three years!!!

Sharyn: I'll gladly enter into an osmosiotic state with you! And, as you read the book, you will have seen that all knowledge is available to you if you enter a morphic resonate state with the 'holder' of that knowledge, be it person or other storage in the Matrix. Interesting how ME is wrapped up with the Matrix eh? hehe

tezzaa: ME is deeply in tune with resonating with the very energies that LOA is all about. However, instead of the movie and book and other reading materials of The Secret etc...ME involves the 'manipulation' of the quantum field, zero point energy, through altered states of 'reality', essentially seeing the photonic nature of our universe instead of just a 5-sensory version

Rose: Thank you for your well-wishes and I WILL have a SUPER time - in fact, the weeks leading up to this have been AWESOME as the anticipation, the wave, builds!

I'll check in ASAP folks


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