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ME seminars...

To really 'get' ME, usually requires 'most' people to go to a seminar of Dr. Bartletts.

This is not just sensationalism to take your money. But, at the seminar, the environment is 'conditioned' to assist in attendees breaking free of ALL the old ways of viewing and 'believing' in what we think is reality!

Also, there are hands on examples of the tools of ME (which even Dr. Bartlett is very realistic on how they are just tools) at the seminar that really are hard to reproduce so vividly in just a book.

Soooooooooooo, I made my plans, and am leaving Tomorrow for Seattle! I'm in the level I and II ME course for June 1 to 4th - Down the Rabbit Hole I go EVEN FURTHER

I think this latest journey will be a vertical slide straight down!

Believe me, I will be posting about this later...

Blessed Be!

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