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Lightbulb Matrix Energetics

Hello Everyone

This is a thread to discuss all things Matrix Energetics or ME lol! Just the acronym is fun to play with

I know several of you have commented on various threads regarding interest in this phenomenal transformational 'healing' modality. Right up front, the word 'healing' is not used with ME for it is not an energy-based work that relies on giving any attention to the 'problem set' of health issues a person may have. In the words of the modality, attention is only given to the 'solution set'. 'Transformation' is better used to describe this methodology.

ME involves a state of altered consciousness that allow intention to affect the quantum field of zero point energy. When transforming a condition in another lifeform, the process is best described as your unconscious to their unconscious to the Collective Unconscious. You actually do not 'do' the transformation, but enter into the 'wavefront consciousness' and allow an interaction with the Collective Mind whereby 'miracles' happen.

I just received the first book on ME by its founder, Dr. Richard Bartlett, entitled Matrix Energetics - The Science and Art of Transformation with the Forward by William Tiller. This is a HIGHLY recommended read regardless of whether you will pursue ME or not, for the universe will open up in new and interesting ways from reading this *snickers*.

Words fail to convey the 'reality' (lol, if you look into this, you'll see language is SO limited in describing anything to do with ME, never mind such illusory things as silly ol' 'reality') of what one is dealing with in ME.

I just got the book yesterday (almost half done) but have also read most of the posts on the main thread at his website - Matrix Energetics Healing seminars taught by Richard Bartlett and can say that ME TOTALLY ties in with anything to do with the ideas behind PATHS, TRV, other healing modalities, basically anything to do with our existence as light beings in a holographic universe.

ME is not just for transformational work on yourself or patients who currently are locked into a consensus reality of pain, injuries, disease etc, but can be used to alter the apparent reality of virtually anything.

This is one of the most powerful manifestation tools I have read about! I believe it perfectly dovetails with PATHS as well! Certain PATHS modules, like Successful Living, help us to shed the belief in old paradigms and be open to the wonders of LOA. Welllllll, ME requires just this suspension of belief in the way things appear and instead being totally open to a visual experience, and emotive state of what you desire.

ME is used by those who learn it, for other things besides transformational work on humans. For example, many have successfully 'fixed' old or non-working electronic devices, used it in traffic, for their home life, in relationships - the list goes on and on with not even the sky being the limit!

The thing I really like about ME is the healthy dose of FUN, Quantum Physics, and Uncommon Sense that it requires to work

More on this later...

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