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Hi Skywatcher,
Thanks for posting. I think that there is interesting things to be discovered with your current line of inquiry. In some ways it reminds me of Don Smith and his step up transformers and the mismatched time constants involved. When you first announced your intentions to explore the motionless version of the concept, my first thought was, how would the primary be engineered? When you said you were controlling the frequency and the duty cycle, then I think I was starting to get it.

If it turns out that the duty cycle was under 50%, then that is probably not a bad thing, I/m pretty sure that hard working iron needs some time to relax as well. I have held the view that the parasitic capacitance and the inductance of a coil are more intertwined, than what some people might think, due to feed back at a field level.

Anyhow, as far off the beaten track as my thoughts might be on the subject, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who is interested in reading about what ever you want to share about that.

Thanks Sky, Turion and Bi.

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