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By no later than 1935 someone, possibly the Poles because they are far smarter than anyone realizes (Kowsky & Frost), had put the whole damned thing together and so by 1935 we have a photo of a UFO buzzing Berlin as a result. So somewhere along the line, probably because of Tesla, they figured out that a rotating magnetic field was key because as Ken shows in video one, the moving magnetic field produces an acceleration in the dielectric inertial plane which logically one might suspect would result in an a de facto increase in the magnets relative power, so despite the high math of the much maligned Albert Einstein, whom I'm told most of which was actually done by his wife, nevertheless does have some evident effect as applied by the mysterious inventor John St. Clair and whom utilized the understanding to produce his patents on the matter, also greatly maligned himself, but in any event the whole had been assembled and possibly the ARV itself was the end result of all this; another sort of stolen technology rebranded as made in the USofA, or possibly USSR because it seems like anyone who had anything whatsoever to do with any of this subject either never made it out of WWII alive or was captured and made a subject of the empire. The only possible exception being Victor Schauberger whom was deported back to Austria for his lack of unpatriotic zeal in the employment of his new keepers.

How much would you like to bet that the entire last global war was over this technology? Would it surprise you because it wouldn't surprise me.
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You realize that guy in China altered their Constitution so that he can now be "President for Life>" Lol~ see they are nut jobs, all these freaks are just crazies, they get a taste of being a little demi~god and the next thing is they are acting like Gods and it's not just some political nut case, most of the really wacked out nut cases are running corporations and always have, it's just that they don't have legions of paid hands following them around like the political ones do and that's because they are the ones telling those nut jobs what to do. Lunatics telling other lunatics what they want is about what it all comes down to. It's really interesting here in Wa State where the voters just approved the ability of the legislature to change the State Constitution so that in time of a crisis the order of succession can be changed~? Oh ya know it's just another good idea to have on hand ...right? I can hardly wait for the next dick to declare themselves Governor for life. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Christ Sakes, doesn't anyone besides rich kids learn what the game of chess is all about any more? I was hoping that maybe I could escape this planet before everyone became a freaking cloned zombie of google and twitter, but I guess maybe not, however they do say always save the last bullet for yourself don't they, and so now we know why that's the case.
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Anybody who thinks the shape of those Star Destroyers in the first Star War's film is accidental has never had the luck of spotting a tetrahedron or triangle, let alone seeing one light out, but those who have cannot miss the reason for this form if they have followed this thread. It's not just a crystalline shape the tetrahedron, its a lens, it's a prism, that form helps to create a coherency out of the incoherent radiant background energy of the Galactic Freight train and to then become one with that hyperspatial field. In this light space does not exist and transport is instantaneous.

Only "Poles" go to polls or
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