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By now it is obvious that the McCandlish illustration is much more than a fabrication as claimed by his detractors; it depicts a real machine which Mark drew up to the very best of his ability given what he knew, which clearly was a heck of lot more than all the nagging nay sayers ever dreamed he knew. It is likely to be of little consolation but ultimately his sacrifice will be seen in the light of history with more appreciation as time passes.

The available information (which can be trusted) says that our universe is immersed in a material which behaves as a kind of super fluid, and that this material mimic's a liquid crystal whose geometry is that of a tetrahedron, and that Water itself can become a similar material as a structured liquid crystal compound.

The history of R&D in the development of superfluids shows that this concept was evidently well understood long ago and that the object of the research in to creating isotopes of liquid helium had to do with unlocking the mystery of what created gravity.

In my view this historical record is a clear indictment; the physics which conflicts with the Aether theory is manifestly fabricated and it was done as a criminally inspired plot with the specific agenda to make gravity the biggest mystery of all time, and the reason I say this is because it is now apparent that the cause of gravity was clearly understood by some even before the First Global War. (Rutherford/Kapitsa).

This material, the Ather/Ether, is the same energy Tesla called radiant, that Walter Russell called dark light, and it is the same energy we have also known as counterspace, hyperspace, or which Nick Cook more imprecisely made popular in contemporary times as Zero Point, but it is all the same energy.

It is a counterspatial material which has a crystalline pattern in the shape of a tetrahedron, which behaves similarly to water which can itself become a liquid crystal. A discovery which may be the most important discovery of our time, but clearly one which was known long ago, hence the black tetrahedrons in the sky.

Of all the material covered in this thread it is the understanding of this close correlation between structured water and hyperspace that is the most important to pass on.

Structured Water - Essence of Water

See, it is just as Ken Wheeler said:"there is no such thing as super conduction." What we have called superconduction is in reality merely grabbing the hand guards of a speeding freight train which is always passing right next to us. It is the "enabling" of a transition to connect with a superflowing hyperspatial fluid that exist as an incoherent energy background, which a magnet makes into coherent lines that appear solid because, after all, anything moving at billions and billions of times the speed of light would seem to be solid.

One can hardly be blamed for mistaking a magnetic line as a unmoving solid field of unknown material, especially considering the lie of the speed of light as some kind of galactic speed limit, but in truth no such thing exists and far from it.

Anybody who thinks the shape of those Star Destroyers in the first Star War's film is accidental has never had the luck of spotting a tetrahedron or triangle, let alone seeing one light out, but those who have cannot miss the reason for this form if they have followed this thread. It's not just a crystalline shape the tetrahedron, its a lens, it's a prism, that form helps to create a coherency out of the incoherent radiant background energy of the Galactic Freight train and to then become one with that hyperspatial field. In this light space does not exist and transport is instantaneous.
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