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I was able to lay out the birch plywood stock that I am using for the supporting base, and attached the two feet that the uprights will be fastened to, as well as the four anchor points which will be connected to the uprights by stabilizer links. I added measurements, after capturing the image, for reference by anyone interested in the build. Note that the 5/16 inch measurement is half the width of an upright, which is 5/8 inch wide. The two anchors 8 inches from the uprights will be connected at the mid height of each upright, where a hole already exists. The two anchors at the outer edges of the base's center line will be connected to the right side of the uprights at a lower point. It will appear, when looking at the photo, that the outer edges of the base board are somewhat curved, but they are not - it is an effect caused by the camera lens.

I used #6 x 3/4 inch sheet metal screws (0.163 inch diameter) to attach the feet and anchors to the base, and pre-drilled the screw holes using a 7/64 inch drill bit (0.107 inch). As you can see, the base is 12.6875 inches wide, and the reason for this was because, when cutting from what I had remaining of the birch plywood, this was the maximum allowable. I would actually have preferred a 16 inch width, but figured I'd make do with what I had on hand. Each anchor has two mounting holes for attachment to the stabilizer links, so even the shorter links should provide good stability. The reason why I am only anchoring at one side of the apparatus is mainly because I wanted to leave the left side view unobstructed by any stabilizer links. I feel that the current support apparatus, with stabilization triangulated for each upright, will be more than adequate. After all, if this works as imagined, the wheels will be turning slowly, and the amount of water being used in this build will not produce much of a sloshing effect.

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