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Mixed vids

Longish vid on a very interesting magnet motor / charger. Later, the guy goes into a good demo on powerful capacitors.
Another interesting magnet motor
Dick Dale wrote Misirlou.
Here is a good cover. Don't quit just because the intro is slow.
Here is a country western guy who does a fantastic job with surf music.

Sweet Dreams
The Human League
Robert Plant and a very young drummer.
A girl who really knows how to have fun on a horse.

Bill Whittle on the impeachment hearings
The basis of political order.
Huckabee on trump

Some vids about feminism vs MGTOW
Leftover women
It REALLY pisses off the women that they have to meet the approval of men before they can get married.

Ken talking about feelings vs logic
TED talk about how too many women,,, & men wait too long to get serious about their lives.

Vid on big problems in the Ag sector
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