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First of all, let me thank you folks for your condolences on the loss of my younger brother. I genuinely appreciate that.

Ramset - good to hear from you, and yes, it would be fun to talk over a cup of coffee some day.

Bro Mikey - As one can see, from the video you posted, the soda bottles on the bike wheel configuration that is so often seen posted on the Internet is simply a hoax, and as this fellow explains at the 10:50 elapsed time mark in this video, his build of Bhaskara's Wheel using curved tubes with mercury also does not work. It simply appears that the wheel immediately starts to spin on its own after the last tube is installed, and of course any truly overbalanced wheel would in fact be a self starter. What he reveals, however, is that he tricks the viewer by giving the hub of the wheel a spin with his hand. Thus, nothing to see here except an explanation as to how people can be easily deceived by believing that they have witnessed something visually, and that it must be factual for that reason when it was only an illusion.

I can promise that whatever the outcome of my build happens to be, there will be no deception or illusions.
"Seek wisdom by keeping an open mind to alternative realities, questioning authority, and searching for truth. Only then, when you see or hear something that has 'the ring of truth' to it, will it be as if a veil has been lifted, and suddenly you will begin to hear and see far more clearly than ever before." - Rickoff

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