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Here's a photo showing what I decided to use for the wheel hubs. What you see is a 3/8 inch inside diameter shaft collar having a 3/8 inch width and 3/4 inch outside diameter, fitted with a shaft attachment set screw which you see exposed. The shaft collar is bonded to a 1/8 inch thick, 1 and 1/2 inch diameter fender washer using a clear 5 minute epoxy. Each wheel has two of these hubs sandwiching the wheel center, and are drawn tightly against the wheel by the two #8-32 pan head stainless screws seen in the photo, and fitted with flat washers and nuts on the opposite side. I pre-drilled two of the fender washers with a 5/32 inch drill bit using my bench top drill press, then inserted the 3/8 inch shaft into an undrilled hub assembly, through the center hole of the wheel, and on through the drilled hub assembly. Locking the shaft collars onto the shaft, I then used the pre-drilled holes as a guide to drill through the wheel and the undrilled hub washer. By the way, I had actually only inserted the shaft as far as the tip of the shaft collar before drilling so as to prevent any damage to the shaft from the drill chuck, and then extended the shaft further out before taking the photo. I had originally planned to use only one hub assembly for each wheel, but decided on using two for additional stability. With the two screws passing through each wheel and locking the hubs together, there is absolutely no chance of a wheel breaking loose from a hub, or the two wheels drifting out of proper alignment with each other. I would have preferred using 1/8 x 2 inch fender washers if they had been available, as this would have allowed more space between the screws and the shaft collars, but couldn't find larger ones locally. I also would have preferred using Torx star drive screws rather than these Phillips head screws, but made do with what was available. Two more shaft collars will be used near the outer ends of the shaft to ride against the bronze bushing flanges in order to eliminate any side play. My next step will be to lay out the attachment areas on the wood base, and to attach the 6 anchors, 2 uprights, and 4 stabilizer links.

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