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Here's an interesting video that's a take off on Ed Leedskalnin's PMH. Evidently there's a fad of these types on Youtube now.

Thoughts on this?

My thinking:

The insulation is doing what? An Insulator is what a dielectric is by nature and so what I think is happening is that this demo has reversed the process and recombined the electrical polarized fields back into an incoherent dielectric field, and doing so by feeding the energy back through a dielectric insulator, with the consequence that the whole now acts like a woven mat binding together the two as one; so that energy is now interlaced between the blocks in an unpolarized fields which is the dielectric field itself. You can see the two blocks are strongly bonded together; if that's the gripping power of counterspace, if it's velocity is billions of times local light speed, well that might explain the incredible velocities of UFO's.

Despite what he says in the video that block is still going to have a magnetic field, just that it isn't going to have coherent magnetic field like a magnet.
Basically it appears to be a demonstration of gravity by incoherent magnetism induced by an electromagnetic charge back through an insulator.
I am reminded of the video on how to magnetize a rock.

Now back to Tetrahedrons and superfluids because if counterspace is considered an equivalent to a super slippery superfluid, then the shape of the tetrahedron is a match for the liquid crystalline shape of water, and quartz and water share the tetrahedron structure, and considering what we think we know about dielectric counterspace, and it's apparent proclivity to behave as a superfluid, isn't it therefore interesting that we have both of these in the main of our discussions with UFO's? Tetrahedrons, pyramids, triangles, and then quartz in the ARV and its' so called capacitors.

What we've learned is there are enabling components to a hyperspatial vehicle and which are also part of the requirements for so called "Room Temp Super Conduction." These components include or involve; high frequency vibrations, pulsed charges, a dielectric material, and evidently aluminum or other material which behaves as well or better as a conductive paramagnetic.

Pyramid Energies

How can we apply these bits of information towards a better understanding of this thing?
The shape is now making complete sense in light of the above information, but now how do we apply this to make the thing work?
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