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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi...................... were you able to
increase the output?

The next experiment will be with another secondary coil, on the other
side of the input drive coil.
This test is to determine if the output will increase further and then
observe the input current.
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There is definitely something special about the multifilar coils which
John Bedini started showing 45 yrs ago I think sometime in the 70's.

Early radio work (1930's to 1960's) used alot of multi-strands
transformers and experimenters were catching on to many phenomena
including tubes with various gases in them.

My version can be increased on the output using sine wave to class
AB audio amplification common to everyone. Running the freq's up to
3000hz or more seems to be a target for power models.

Your new test could use a bucking connection for the 2 secondaries
that are multifilar.
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