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Hi bromikey, thanks for the reply.
Wow, that is a nice setup there and were you able to increase the output.

I made another experiment.
I removed the 26 strand secondary coil, temporarily from the core and slid a single strand coil onto the core.
This to see if the single strand secondary coil will function the same when loaded or shorted.
It does behave differently, when the single strand coil is shorted, the input current does increase.
Though with the previous test with the multistrand secondary coil, when shorted, the input current decreased the most.
The voltage with the single strand is not enough to light the led bulb, even though the turns are somewhat similar.

The next experiment will be with another secondary coil, on the other side of the input drive coil.
This test is to determine if the output will increase further and then observe the input current.
peace love light
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