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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi bromikey, thanks for replying.
Apparently we're having communication problems,..........

So far, I'm seeing interesting results.
Because normally in a solid state transformer, (pulsed or alternating) if we induce current into a secondary coil, it always increases the input current.
Normally, it doesn't stay the same or go lower.
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Oh Okay I see what you are saying now. Yes that is true about bifilar
coils sometime. When I tried it it was only 2 strands and it was the
bitoroid stuff where is had and extra path.

If you remember this picture? I was running way low ac volts like 10v
in off of one of my variacs. With the right load using tiny bulbs and or
high wattage ohmite resistors I was getting more out than in. But it was
on such a small scale that I stopped for awhile.

The core material is state of the art flybacks ganged up side by side.
The small coil was my drive coil and other two despite one's irregular
shape are identical in length, 2 strand. those 2 big bifilars had to be
connected to each other just right, one way doesn't work.

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