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Conflow Power

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this deserves a thread unto itself, so figured I'd throw it up here. I just stumbled across it today and in no way endorse it, nor do I have any connection to anybody connected to this. This is posted here as information only, and a place to start discussion. I am interested if anybody can supply additional information, and all opinions welcome.


From that link:

ConFlow Power has developed a renewable generator using a combination of Nano technology and Nano film, coupled with natural gases in the atmosphere, to create a totally self-renewing power source, hence the name ConFlow for a ‘Continuous Flow’. ConFlow Power looks like a battery and acts like a battery, but is in fact a combination of an on-board generator and a capacitor, performing similarly to a battery or electric power source. The ConFlow Device can be used in a multitude of sectors, including electronics, automobiles, computing and mobile communications. It also has heavy industrial capabilities and applications that stretch into many, if not all, landscapes.
Who knows? Maybe this is Turion's new device.


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