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Same old BS

Originally Posted by Turion View Post

Just because YOU donít believe the generator works doesnít make it a non functioning device. Can the stock MY1020 turn the rotor with magnets on it at 2800 rpm on 24 volts? Look at the specs on the motor. Of COURSE it can. Is it able to do it for less than 12 amps with no coils in place? Even a fool would say it can.
Can a coil be built that produces 130 volts at 1.5 amps under load? You want to argue THAT point? I didnít think so. Would 12 of them produce between the 1800 and 2000 watts I claim? Sure it would. No POSSIBLE argument there.

Your only possible argument is that when these component parts are put together, their interaction causes a change to one of these parameters.
1. Lenz causes the motor to bog down when the coil is under load. But delayed Lenz does not and THAT has been proven by lots of folks.

2, Magnetuc drag also causes increased amp draw of the motor but THAT is cancelled out by magnetic neutralization.

3. Constant switching of polarity in the iron core causes heating of the cores. But a water jacket APPEARS to solve that problem. I have built it. It works. Your BELIEF and insistence does not compare to my KNOWLEDGE. When I get it back together I will show inputs and outputs to some folks. But never YOU bi. You are right where you deserve to be. In the dark. LOL.

These are not proof, evidence or demonstration of your claim for the 1800/240 generator. They are arguments; poor ones at best.

Except for #3, I've explained the flaws in your theories and logic. I know I'll never see your generator operate with the input and output powers as you claim. Nobody ever will.

BTW, did you ever figure out the Lorentz force?


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