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Our belief in an afterlife is something that influences our daily actions.
English teacher Laura Lynne Jackson who can talk to the DEAD › femail › article-3276681 › The-teacher-talk-D...
This is a misnomer as explained in her book, "The Light Between Us"
She does NOT talk to the dead. They have no ears. She communicates with the dead by way of symbolism done as a mental projection.
She is one of 11 people who have been certified to be the real thing. Follow up as you wish.
She said that the veil between the living and the departed is VERY tenuous. She said that we are just a spirit that happens to have a body as this particular moment.
There are literally thousands of reincarnation stories that defy all logic. Mrs. Jackson works pro bono for the "Forever Family" foundation. She and, her co-workers contact children that have gone to the other side. They do this to bring closure to the grieving parents.
The general understanding that I get is very similar to the idea of the "force" as delineated in Star Wars.
Monarchs Migration and Overwintering

The Migrating Generation

During the summer breeding season, monarchs live from 2-5 weeks during which they mate and lay the eggs that become the next generation. The last generation of the year does not become reproductive and is said to be in “reproductive diapause”. These butterflies are the ones that migrate to Mexico where they overwinter. These butterflies become reproductive in February and March as they move north, laying eggs on milkweeds as they progress northward into the United States. Some of these butterflies can live as long as 9 months!

The migratory generation has an enormous task ahead of them. Weighing less than a gram, these unique butterflies will fly between 2,000 to 3,000 miles to an overwintering location in Mexico.

Monarchs have up to four generations each summer [times four distinct life stages: egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and adult], each one traveling a little further north than the last. The last generation of the year migrates south.


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