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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
And it isn't about the $$ at all.

I don't trust you anymore.

After over a year my son asked me where the scope was. I forgot all
about it. This was not for me it was for the boy and young people keep
track when it is about them. So I contacted you privately, I never went
public for 2 years accusing you.

I have never trusted many things about you but lets not focus on
character flaws, let us do the best we can with what each has to
offer. Also I told you for years to use smaller magnets and more of
them would be better and you finally tried it out. Or someone in
the back ground did and did you acknowledge my input? No you
told me I was to follow your design and come back then.

From the beginning I told everyone I follow Thane Heins work.
I tried some of your coils.

So you want more than $20? How much?
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