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What happened to the emails that you said you have that 'prove" all this? Oh wait, it DIDN'T happen like you say, so you have no emails to prove it, so you make up whatever story you want. Good job. Oh, and it was more than $20 to ship that oscilloscope. Have you actually ever shipped something by UPS before? LOL

And by the way, I looked back at my emails with you and the reason I didn't send you the o-scope right away was because you said you already HAD ONE. When you explained to me that you wanted it for your son, I sent it within DAYS. So I KNOW what those emails say, and they do not say what YOU claim the do.

And it isn't about the $$ at all. I could care less about the money. It's about trust. I don't trust you anymore. It's THAT simple. You accused ME of not doing what I said I would, even though I have stated MANY times that I will demonstrate inputs and outputs when I get the machine back together. I don't see anyone here chipping in for the wire and plastic I need to do that, so they will just have to wait. If they went info sooner, build it themselves. All I was showing is that YOU have NO ROOM to talk about others. NONE.
“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
—Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist

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