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Kunstler,,, bloody vengance of the bankers

Kunstler writes about the "circular firing squad".****-nat...-in-the-night/

Winston Churchill stated that he LOVED the din of war.
Adolph Hitler created a banking system that completely sidelined the bankers.
" Germany does not want a war but, we will force one on her.
WW II could have been avoided but, the bankers wanted it.
Hitler's only crime was in trying to take Germany out of the control of the London bankers.""
The revenge of the bankers was absolutely BLOODTHIRSTY. More Germans were killed after the surrender than in the war.

Mike King talks about the horrific destruction of Germany AFTER the war.

Then, there is Japan. London's historic control of the China trade in general and, the opium trade in particular was threatened by Japanese incursions into the far East. Once again, America was dragged into a war to protect the interests of London bankers.
Once again, the retribution was horrendous. America fire-bombed Tokyo during a hurricane. 80,000 Japanese died,,, more than at Hiroshima.

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