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Originally Posted by Turion View Post

I revealed everything about my generator in July of 2018,

YOU people are simply NOT my priority.

I have had working versions since 2007. Attached is a picture of the THIRD version I built in 2009, with blocks stacked on top of each other that held the coils. Which just had tons of problems. I shared data from some of those builds, but never TOTAL output from the machine, just output from 1-3 coil pair of the 12. Each redesign has been for a reason and has solved problems that showed themselves. I have NEVER showed the water cooled version because it hasn't been built, just tested on the coil tester.
More data from the old grumpy guy

Dang I can't wait till I get mine running and Dave will have moved on to paper clips, rolls
of wire and ardoo's

What is that 12 years ago? Over a decade and still can't produce.


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