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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Bro Mikey,
You are not someone I would ever trust with everything
I know. I offered to GIVE you my older oscilloscope for your son to use
if you would pay me for the shipping. kept bugging me to get it to you, which I did.
But did I ever get paid for the shipping?
Trust has to be earned, buddy.

So you are finishing up by calling me a crook and a liar over the couple
of bucks at the time I offered to at least pay shipping? Bugging you?
You kept saying that you would send it for 2 years so by that time
you rejected my payment for shipping. I have the emails.

No big surprise that you are treating me in such a manner today as
you always have off and on for 6 years. I have over looked all of it.

I have encouraged you to keep up the work, always kind to you.
However you and some others never liked the massive overload of
youtube video's I post or big print or this or that excuse as to why
I am not welcome so you then come to my threads.

You guys are a mess. I am glad for the things you have shown me but
should I also thank you for your twisted reality and insults against
me for 6 years? Should I thank you for never sticking up for me when
attacked daily on your threads? Then instead you back up the attacker?

Should I have enjoyed being bullied and ridiculed that I was all talk
and had no bench work to show for? Should I rejoice when I presented
the bench work and never get much response over the years other than
it doesn't look right?

Your approach is that it is your bench work far exceeds all others
everyone else is less than good enough, always craving the spotlight

Should I have enjoyed all these character flaws on full display?

And now you call me a robber? Why am I not surprised? I have endured
all these things and still think you are a great guy.

Now just stick to the project, no carrying on about how you are helping
your dear ole mother? Give it a rest and man up. You said it now you
are the one stuck with your own words. I doesn't matter to me, I already
have the data off my bench. Oh and each step of the way on bench testing
I got no response or help. What I have is from me and me only.

Should I now be all broken up when you say that we are to blame for
your inability to honor your own words as you exit the class room?
Should I be falling apart? Should I be surprised?

Just stick to the material or substance and quite your boasting because
you are to old to come thru


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