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Bro Mikey,
You were kind enough to give your honest evaluation of me, so I will return the favor. You are not someone I would ever trust with everything I know. I offered to GIVE you my older oscilloscope for your son to use if you would pay me for the shipping. I got busy and you kept bugging me to get it to you, which I did. But did I ever get paid for the shipping? Not so much. Trust has to be earned, buddy.

I revealed everything about my generator in July of 2018, so it has been 14 months since I started working on getting SOMETHING back together. I have 3 different versions in pieces from the move to the new house. and somehow, a base plate got lost in the move. I still can't figure out HOW. The entire time I have been remodeling two houses. And helping my mom with work on hers. YOU people are simply NOT my priority. If you want to whine that I haven't proven it works, that's fine with me. I DO NOT CARE. You certainly are not hurting ME even one teenie tiny bit. Build it or DON'T. It is YOUR loss, not mine.

I have had working versions since 2007. Attached is a picture of the THIRD version I built in 2009, with blocks stacked on top of each other that held the coils. Which just had tons of problems. I shared data from some of those builds, but never TOTAL output from the machine, just output from 1-3 coil pair of the 12. Each redesign has been for a reason and has solved problems that showed themselves. I have NEVER showed the water cooled version because it hasn't been built, just tested on the coil tester. But I have showed MANY videos of the generator running. So to say showing a picture of a rotor doesn't mean I have built a machine is just plain STUPID. There have been tons of pictures AND videos.

I guess this is my cue to say I am leaving the forum. It's been a week, so I am due.
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