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In that design you NEVER tap the primary circuit, so no need to let anything "build up". You simply give the circulating energy a PATH OF LESS RESISTANCE by going through a 3rd coil that is switched on and then off. (re-establishing the primary loop again) And ADDING to the primary loop with the spark of the 3rd coil collapsing as it is switched off. No energy is EVER taken out of the primary loop. It is simply diverted to a slightly different path to do some work. The third coil is wound on a 1:1 transformer that gives power for use OUT from the 4th coil through induction in pulses as the 3rd coil is switched in and out of the circuit. You pay for switching costs unless you use something free as a switch. Over time, because of the collapsing coil, energy builds up in the loop. I have NEVER done an electrical measurement of the build up, but I HAVE measured an increase in the magnetic field the coils produce with a gauss meter. And that's all I have to say about THIS project too. So have fun, or NOT.
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