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24 inch diameter wheels prepped

I was able to cut out my larger 24 inch wheels, and to bore the 27 millimeter holes in them. Here's a view of one of the wheels. The holes are centered on a 17 inch circle (8.5 inch radius) at a point where each of six 60 degree radian lines intersect that circle. The hole at the center of the wheel is drilled 1/4 inch to accept a 1/4 inch x 2 inch long stove bolt that is fitted with a 1/4 inch washer on each side of the wheel and then snugged with a 1/4 inch nut. This way I can mount the stove bolt in a drill chuck to rotate the wheel as I sand the rough cut perimeter, which was cut with a saber saw. After sanding the perimeter, I will enlarge the center hole to 3/8 inch to accept the shaft which the wheels will be rotating upon.

Below is an image of the 27 millimeter boring tool that I used for drilling the pipe attachment bore holes. The pilot drill for this tool is 3/16 inch. While this appeared to be an ideal tool for the intended use, I found that, while cutting, the space between teeth loads up rather quickly and that I have to keep cleaning out that material since it has nowhere to go. Also, I found that even though the hardboard panel is only 1/4 inch thick, it was difficult to drill more than half way through the panel without burning the material. Thus, I found that the best solution was to drill just half way through one side and then flip the panel over to finish drilling from the other side. For a larger size build I would definitely prefer using an adjustable cutting tool.

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