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A few of the support elements....

I'm attaching a photo showing some of the support elements. At top is one of the two 3-sided steel support columns that will be used as the uprights. These measure .650 inch x .428 inch x 24 inches in length. These are very strong and rigid. You might recognize them for what they are. These would normally be mounted to a wall or cabinet interior, and shelf brackets would be inserted in the slots at a desired height. There are actually three mounting holes along the length of the upright, though only the top one is shown at left in this photo. The bottom hole, at the opposite end of the upright, will attach to the 1 and 5/8 inch piece of aluminum "L" stock shown at right, using a single screw, and the "L" stock will be mounted to a 3/4 inch thick x 12 and 11/16 inch x 24 inch birch plywood base using two screws. The shorter piece of aluminum "L" stock will be used at four locations of the build as anchor points for 1/8 inch x 3/4 inch wide flat aluminum stock that will connect to the uprights (two per upright) at an angle, to stabilize them. A 3/8 inch x 1 inch x 2 inch wooden block, as shown at left, with a 1/2 inch hole drilled at center, is fitted with a flanged bronze bushing with a 3/8 inch inside diameter. This will be attached to each of the uprights using two screws spaced 1 inch apart, and the screws will pass through the two slots nearest the top end (adjacent to where the block is now located). In other words, if you were to pick the block straight up, then move it over and place it on top of the upright, that would be the mounting position. Attaching the blocks in this manner allows the bushings to be moved up or down in order to achieve best alignment with the 3/8 inch x 6 inch shaft. Aside from the elements shown and/or mentioned, there will also be six shaft collars that attach to the shaft with set screws. Two of these collars will ride up against the bronze bushing flanges near the ends of the shaft to eliminate side play of the shaft, and the other four, when combined with large fender washers, will ride up against each side of the two wheels, acting as hubs. I will also either pin or bond these hubs to the wheels to offset the wheels by 30 degrees. That covers everything I'll be using for the supporting fixture. I'll post another photo in a few days showing the assembled fixture.

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