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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Itís not just me anymore. .........

it really doesnít matter what ANYONE on this forum thinks about
the things we have shared. We arenít giving any more away

So all OUR progress will be off the forum.
The problem is the same as it always has been. No one asked for
everything spelled out to them. You are the one who felt that you should
give it away. You are the one saying it works, you have been the one
promising to show it working. You are the one who has repeatedly
offered to have a working example open to the public by the weekend
for over 5 years.

You are the one who has chosen the troll escape route. You are the man
with the system who is always saying one thing and doing another.
Don't care and am grateful for what you have shared. The point is you
have not been honest with the people on this forum by telling them
it's just around the corner or that by the next couple of weeks you will
show something. All your youtube video's were incomplete, claims of
overheating, 10 min runs, however no amp readings for the public, no
volt readings for the public. And so on. Very unprofessional.

Me? I don't care and never have, I am telling you the way you have
presented yourself to the public for the 6 years we have waited to hear
back from you and your pals. I know you and have known or grown to
expect that you will never deliver because I have been here with you
daily waiting for you to full fill your promises for 6 years.

But what about the public? Like I said whatever you want to do is fine
with me. They have been waiting and you promised now only to come
back claiming a troll over powered you as for the reason you can't
honor your words. These are you words of course your words are
subject to change and no one will call you on them anymore because
they are not to be trusted.

Big talker and means well.

We can trust the data tho? like I said it doesn't matter to me, I know
the data is correct, but the public will never trust you after what you
have promised them and now fudge on.

Phrases like "it's all obsolete" "Better solutions ahead" or picking a
fight with members so you have an excuse to close a thread or when
a fight can't be had, close it anyway. I am not fooled. The public will
tear you apart, they are not fooled even tho you might play us for that.
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