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The average person is not going to dig up 5000 dollars worth of
batteries on the left side of the bench and 3000 dollars worth of batteries
on the right side of the table to make a test that shows that lectric can
break even if not pop out a few more joules.

However someone doing a solar house might.Yes I saw that video of your
big bank of batteries that cost you a fortune going up what was it .003v??
or was it .03? of a volt? something like that AND it only took a few
batteries on the input /say a couple thousand dollars worth/ to get the
larger more expensive bank to go up.

I am happy using the principle in my experiments hoping to recover
anything. And yeah I know your batteries cost thousands, just wanted
to hear you say it. I have batteries costing many thousands for back
up in steel cases standing 3 ft off the floor just floating along full of alum.

Thanks John Bedini, I keep them whipped into shape using his SSSG


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