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Hello Ernst

i have had problems with Amazon and your book. It is a pity that there are not other book sales opportunities. For me the final price, with currency exchange rates, Amazon HANDLING(!) and postage will cost me around $65. I am a bit reluctant to support Jeff Bezel and his inflated account.

On another note. I imagine that your book will be a welcome source of accurate information for the faithful. But, often, when going through some of the threads and comments on this forum, I believe that the focus is misplaced, if, the intention is t0 "spread The Word". I am mindful too, of the old advertising adage, " Build A Better Mousetrap, and people will beat a pathway to your door". A truism that has other connotations. The better mousetrap, once seen by the entrepreneurs out there becomes a common market place item manufactured by all those able to copy it!

The question needing to be addressed, is who is able to build the better mousetrap?

I wish you well.

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