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Hey guys, I looked into building a device for doing this a while back but have focused my resources on other projects that were working.

You dont need to spend insane amounts of money. You can drive the ultrasound transducer using 2 mosfets/igbts in a full/half bridge configuration. You can basically pump as much power as you want to into it from a dc power source. The thing with a lot of these ultrasound transducers is that they sometimes run at a few hundred volts and a small current so igbts are better.
Would cost around 30 dollars depending on voltage.

So there are the ultrasound horns on ebay that youve found. There are also piezoelectric transducers which are actually whats inside the horn. So if you look up piezoelectric transducer you will start to find discs and rings etc that will resonate very close to 42.8kHz, but they wont take much power so you will have to parallel them together.

To massively reduce the input power needed to make it oscillate youll need to impedance match your frequency generator to the horn or transducer. Also if you impedance match it will reduce reflected power to your source so it doesnt blow up lol.

Anyway if i have free time and somebody wants help designing the system. Let me know
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