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You are seeing what I have seen a thousand times. At LEAST a thousand times.

Here is a little experiment I have done that everybody should do. Take a battery and charge it up to full charge. Then put a kilowatt meter on it and connect a load and run it down. Measure how much power you got out of the battery.

Then connect a kilowatt meter between your wall outlet and your battery charger and see how much power it actually takes to charge that battery back up to where it was and compare that to what you got out of it. The result will teach you a LOT about how good the battery is you are using. YES, there is inherently inefficiency in the charger. Such is life. It will show you why it is SO difficult to get the 3 battery system to work WITHOUT the boost module and the pulse motor to overcome the impedance and resistance that exists when trying to charge battery three. The batteries make all the difference.

Free energy is possible. Just keep looking at the 3 battery stuff from every possible angle, and maybe some day you will see it. It's there.
“Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
—Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist
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