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Hello Ernst,

Thank You for Your reply and for the text passages You indicated to me.

I think the way You present the "Levels" of ether that some people talk about is a strike of a genius.

Also the way You explain that waves can be seen as either longitudinal or transverse was a big "Aha!" moment for me.

After I had read the text passages You indicated to me from Your book
"The science of Tesla's Magic"

I continued to read again in Your book "Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter - recreating Tesla's dream"

in the light of what You told me what I should read -


ERNST on page 69 when You are writing about the elements 4 and 5 that a "Magnifying Transmitter"-circuit has to have in order to have all the 5 components of a self acting engine (analogue) as Tesla was describing it in his article "The problem of increasing human energy" :

ERNST, there it is (in my opinion) -

The circuit diagram You give there has all the elements for the self acting engine and the "excess" energy probably can easily be drawn from the coil

I am baffled !

Ernst, I think YOU decifered the knowledge for how to construct a "device" that can electrically draw energy from the surroundings.

And there in the text You also draw the conclusion :
"...If this system is tuned to the same frequency as the primary circuit ...then we can create a regenerative loop by adding the Earth as ..."

I am baffled !!!

Really more people should buy Your book :

"Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter - recreating Tesla's dream"

I mean all pages in there are important but page 69 "shocked" me a bit in the most positive way as soon as I understood it
(at least I think I understood it).

ERNST, really I also think that those people that got interested in Teslas work and have tried for years to "solve the puzzle" for how to harvest energy from the surroundings" were also always hoping that the "Magnifying Transmitter" only had to be that big because of the "big Task" to supply the whole globe with easy-accessible energy.

And that - because the Magnifying Transmitter (from what we can know of publicly) resembles "just" a "huge Tesla-Transformer" - we all could build a tiny version of that huge Magnifying Transmitter someday in our own garage in order to produce energy for our homes, or even to electrify a car.

Ernst, with Your findings, -at least I think-, humankind is closer than ever to find a possibilty to construct such devices.


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