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Responsibility and validation for men in the future

Here is a vid Of George Jetson. He gets up at 11:00 to go to work. He works 2 days a week for 1 hour a day.
Sheep dogs are genetically suited to herd sheep and, only happy when they are doing this. Race horses are only happy when running.
Man is a social creature who is programmed to support the family and clan.
Jordan Peterson argues convincingly that; the meaning of life for men is; seeking and, bearing responsibility. (crosspost)

He also argues that "weak men can't be virtuous."
Moreover, he argues that; young men (especially) feel lost in today's culture because there is no call for them to shoulder responsibility as it was many years ago.

Statistics seem to bear this out. 80% of college students are women. As we perfect ever-more labor saving devices, there are fewer niches that are a good fit for men.
Peterson calls this a crisis. Drug addiction and suicide rates seem to prove him correct.
Militant feminism has alienated him from traditional relationships.
Women seem to believe that men lack enough confidence to approach and, date women.

Women have just become too mercenary.
As women alienate men, the men are thwarted in their natural roles.

How will this play out in the future?
What does George Jetson DO all day?
What is the future of automation.?
Humans are extremely social. What happens when women can't find mates.
What happens when men can find no validation or fulfilment in life?

In Japan, only 42% of couples have sex in a given month. The men have just lost all interest,,, especially in the crowded cities. The Japanese girls are all looking for a "farm boy". The population is shrinking rapidly.
Our natural tendency is to; take on responsibility to support the family and clan.

The antithesis of this is corruption.
As most people know, Aspartame is a neuro-toxin that produces formaldehyde in the body. It's a poison, plain and simple.
Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle and, when he went to work for the State, he demanded that the FDA approve aspartame. He is responsible for the early death of millions.

Most corruption is simply a question of putting personal gain ahead of the good of the clan. Some of the corruption is a case of putting the interests one clan far above the general good. Theocracies seem to be pretty bad about this. Israel and Saudi being good examples. Erdogan in Turkey is moving in this direction. Turkey is 98% muslim so, it's no surprise.

Automation has brought on a crisis where very few men have a necessary niche in society. The women are floundering because they can't connect with men. They are finding that there are ever-fewer men who will listen to their demands. Much of society is dis-integrating because of these problems.
The coming financial crash will be that much worse because the left-right dynamic will prevent the State from working cohesively.
The banker-caused destruction of the nuclear family will mean that family support will be that much more unlikely. The gender wars mean that supportive men will be mostly unavailable to women.
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