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Just one week ago the foliage here looked great at its peak of coloration, but then the leaves began to fall. A long day of wind and rain then took its toll, and afterwards many trees were bare. Not much color left out there today. Plenty of green, of course, as Maine is known as the pine tree state. Still a few trees with yellow leaves that were still green a week ago, but that's about it. Although the temperature rises to around 55 degrees or so by mid day, the overnight and morning temperatures have been in the low 30's. Heavy frosts have killed whatever was left in my vegetable garden, except for the carrots. This weekend I worked hard to get all my tractor implements put away in the back part of my garage, and added antifreeze concentrate to my tractor and cars as necessary to ensure they are safe to at least 25 below zero or more. Still a few things to be taken care of before the snow starts to fly and it becomes bitter cold outdoors.

I took an inventory yesterday of items that I have on hand for the water wheel project so that I could determine what else is still needed. This afternoon I'm heading to the hardware store to get a few items that I'll need for assembling the water wheel support system. I may also have time to cut out the 24 inch wheels that I laid out on October 16th. In my next post I'll show the main components that I'm using for the base and support system. As usual, I try to keep the build as simple as possible, and either attempt to use whatever I may have on hand already that would be suitable, or look for items that I can procure locally and at low cost.
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