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...Further questions ....

Hello Ernst,

hmm, OK, You have to forgive me because I am certainly not as experienced
in electrcial science and in the Wardenclyffe Tower subject as You are (I can tell from reading in Your excellent books ! )

But I thought Ether particles had a charge and were immersed in a insulating fluid.
I think I have read this in at least one of the also outstanding books from
William R. Lyne

If the ether particles had a charge (a potential) then I, in my "naive" mind could
imagine a lot easier how "sound waves in the ether" (longitudinal "pressure" waves) could be generated in the ether : by "suddenly" pushing out a certain amount of them in one direction, for example when a electric potential on a spark gap was increased to a degree so that the spark "jumps" the spark-gap
and this "sudden unloading" of a certain amount of electrons/ether particles then is emitted at the end of an antenna

(Please give Your opinion on that Ernst )

Another Question that I have, - is the "Ether made vibrating" by sending a longitudinal "pressure" wave (an Impulse or many Impulses) INTO THE EARTH ?

And does this "Impulse" expand inside the big ball "Earth" into all directions and then is reflected back to appear as a standing wave on the surface of the earth ?

I think Your explanation, ERNST, from Your Reply before MUST be true, but I still do not understand quite well where does the extra energy come into play ?
(how is the energy substracted from the ambient media, - is the earth the reciever for the energy and also the storage ? and by the tower the energy stored in the earth can be tapped into ?)

Best Regards,

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