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Hi Sparky!
Please also check your PM...
I got some more comments/questions on this topic. It is really very simple, the problem, though, is that it differs so much from what you've learned at school.
When you learn about electricity, they tell you it is all about charges, moving and static charges. But that is explaining electricity with electricity! What causes those charges?
Tesla envisions a gaseous medium immersed in the fluid ether.
This medium is NOT electrically charged, it is electrically NEUTRAL, but it can cause matter to become charged.
This gaseous medium clings to matter, so inside of our Earth there is a lot of it and through our atmosphere, its density decreases until there is very little in outer space.
Although it works a little different, you can see this as a balloon filled with a gas.
Tesla now uses the energy from our sun to create a standing longitudinal wave in this (electrically neutral) medium. This standing wave represents the energy that you are asking about.
Now how can you access this energy?
Tesla "modulates" a high-frequency tone on this low-frequency wave. And as the energy in the low-frequency wave increases so does the electrical effect of the high-frequency modulation. So the 11.7 Hz standing wave is used to amplify the high-frequency (100 KHz in Colorado Springs for example) tone. This high-frequency tone can be used to make receiver coils come "alive".
So yes, in a way, the tower uses two very different frequencies.

The energy received from the sun would probably not get depleted, because the sun is part of a huge inter-stellar electric circuit. Whether we would draw some energy or not doesn't make much difference for energies at this scale.

The "pointy remains" at the cupola are the remains of a severely weathered ground connection. They weren't there (in that state) when the tower was tested. As Tesla said on many occasions, the cupola had to have a large rounded surface to avoid streamers.

I think the term "Magnifying Transmitter" comes from the fact that this transmitter receives its own signal, amplifies it (with energy from "the medium"), and transmits it again. Thus it creates a loop transmit-receive-amplify-transmit-receive- etc. It becomes a "self-acting engine".

I hope this provides some clarification.

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