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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi bromikey,........
I'll post the circuit drawing as it is.
As far as I'm aware, it is not a static field,..........
This then causes no increase in amperage and may even cause a
decrease of each input pulse,......... you're of course free to disagree.
Disagree with what? I don't know the diagram, you have left me in
the dark. Each pulse expands? Not static? Operates like a transformer
correct? Okay it is a pulsed transformer got it. Humm...Not sure I know
what you know or shall i say perceive your invention yet but I will.

As we all know the Tesla bifilar coil is meant to make HV and your coil
is no different than a pancake style winding. This was pointed out in the
patents. In the patent high voltages are produced and we have all heard
the formula's how energy is squared at HV.

So pulsing and delaying seems to have it's effects like with the serps or
the MIT and so on where AC at 60hz is not solely the only energy input.

Very interesting work, keep me posted on any results.
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