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Oh so you have 2 bulb, I did not know the circuit. First bulb 260ma
then 30ma went to second bulb. I am working in the dark as to how
exactly the circuit is laid out. But hey just say it with no proof
Well that is the voice of the skeptic. I don't know what you know so
tis near impossible for me to comment correctly without more details

Happy testing.

After all it is a Tesla coil right? Ya know a bi-filar and many more and
what did Tesla get from his bifilar coil? Humm..?? What?

Tesla got HIGH VOLTAGE 50v per turn or something outlandishly high
compared to a regular coil. keep ringing the bell at HV connecting
5 bulbs in series. Then we will have an answer. Lenz delay? For what?
Delayed what for what? Why would you need a delay for a static field.

I am not sure I understand the reasons you test your transformer expecting
a delay then what a delay does. Or how a delay might affect the circuit

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