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Hi bromikey, thanks for the reply.
Yes, this oscillator circuit is probably not best choice, a 555 timer pulsing the drive coil would be better.
Though the point of these tests, is not to show a COP greater than 1.
Just like turions setup, it would likely need many coil/cores to do so, that is, if we actually have a delayed lenz happening, with respect to the drive coil.
And that is what these tests are about.

Was testing the setup again and this was a better test.
Kept the drive coil/core up close, in contact with the secondary coil/core, for the duration of the test.
Whereas previously I started the oscillator and then brought it into contact with the secondary coil/core.
This time also used identical led bulbs on flyback and output of secondary coil.
The input without secondary coil led bulb load is .26 amps, when secondary load is connected, the bulb is very close to the same brightness as the flyback bulb and input drops to .25 amps.
Will continue experimenting.
peace love light
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