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Warfare-welfare has destroyed the currencies once again

The previous article shows that; any freely accepted "money" must have a long history of wide acceptance. Fiat currencies are accepted at the point of a State-held gun. Latin and European currencies have been regularly cancelled. The dollar has not. Great Depression one was caused by runaway currency inflation caused by the FED. There was just not enough money circulating when the credit bubble collapsed. Roosevelt devalued the dollar from $20 to $35 and ounce to free up currency printing to support the general public. Gold-backing had locked up the amount of currency in circulation.
When Nixon closed the gold window, this cut loose the chains on the printing presses so that currency could be wildly expanded. Closing the gold window was forced on him by the previous creation of the welfare-warfare State.
With the closure of the gold window, wars and welfare could be expanded almost without limitation.

The bankers always farored a flexible currency. They needed this flexibility so that they could always be first in line for new money. This new money + your savings were used to speculate in everything. They bought up everything that you needed. At the same time, the State needed a flexible currency to pay for programs needed by various politicians to buy votes.
Post WW II, the war industries had no intention of fading away. They got various wars going on the flimsiest excuses. The emerging State of israel got lots of foreign aid and used it wisely. They invested in buying the U.S. congress to ensure unending wars against all of their neighbors. 78 members of congress are israelis with dual citizenship. Their elections were paid for by 3 American, jewish billionaires.
Currency expansion reached enormous levels to finance a warfare-welfare State that had reached enormous proportions.

The fact that America had never cancelled it's currency attracted people to dollar investments. The fact that America was less socialist than Europe attracted capital to U.S. investments. The fact that America was nowhere near as authoritarian as China attracts investments. There is worldwide capital flight to the dollar zone because the U.S. dollar has the longest running stability.
At the same time, there is a growing recognition that the world must pull away from the U.S. dollar if it wants monetary independence from the district of corruption.
The R.O.W. prefers a return to gold.

The paper-gold price is maintained by the COMES, LBMA and, the bullion banks. The State doesn't want any alternative stores of value outside it's fiat currency. The State goes along with the suppression of the price of gold. The DOJ attack on gold manipulators at J.P. Morgan signals a whole new approach.
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