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It has been a very long time and I sincerely apologize for falling off and not keeping up with this thread. Life and work/projects have been consumptive.

LOVE your quotes from Mel Brooks, Arthur C. Clarke, and information relating to John Carpenter - especially about the one eye or all seeing eye that is rampant through major media and nearly all major celebs in both film and music. MAJOR DROP on the magicians too, GOOD FOR YOU MAN ! ! !

Thanks for the magnificent post!

P.S. When I used to live in Hollywood, I ran into John Carpenter's daughter at Whole Foods. She was totally down to Earth and super nice. Not much in relation to the post, just sharing he raised her to be awakened and REAL DOWN TO EARTH. Also, GREAT DROP on They Live ! ! ! That is damn near a documentary of real waking life.

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." - Benjamin Franklin + Thomas Jefferson

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