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Hello, it's been a while since i've updated this thread.

I got a 3d printer and i started prototyping for this device, went through a few iterations of some parts. In a few weeks i will reach to a point where i'll know if this works through experience, or not.

I have a weight module, looks a bit different then the schematics shown in pictures and videos but it's mostly the same thing. The system needs to keep balance in certain aspects and create overbalance in other aspects of it's inner workings.

Takes much more time then expected but in the past 3 weeks i was also quite slow and also i've waited for parts from china.

Things are on the right track for now, just slow. A moth ago i thought i will finish by october but now i'm realizing that i dont think i will finish this month either but i will finish it by ate november,

I believe with all my heart that it will work but until i will build and test it i won't know. Anyway, i'm getting closer to the end of this journey. All i can say i hope all works out cause else i'm not sure what i will do.

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