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Even though I agree with Ken about the Saucer Shape, I also know that the Tetrahedron is the newer design, one which is apparently using a false mass drive. This may actually be a simpler concept to understand if more difficult to make real. Hard to say right now but I think a simplified system based on an understanding of how it works might make it possible to replicate in a simpler less refined way much like a model plane and the Alexey already do.

Note that in the illustration that only one point source is extended out of 4 potential points. A real ship is controlling all four points simultaneously.

Applying the RH Rule is not intuitive to someone like me. Place no faith in the arrow/rotational vectors. Besides I drew this a while back before gathering a better comprehension of what I believe is taking place. Also Ken's pressure mediation's relating to the magnetic field are involved here and so this all needs to be revised but I'm posting this once more as a visual aid and stimulus.

Notice that the RH Rule involves three vectors at 90 degree's, but in real life application these vectors have a significant amount of play, and I know this since the black tetrahedron form features acute angles in it's design, and I know for a fact that absolutely works and works really, really, well.

So this is where I was trying to go when I last had to fight off another attempt to torpedo this thread, and so if we can all just focus on the facts and keep aliens and corporate psyop agents out of this thread, then just maybe we can actually get to the Stars before the controlled opposition convinces the rest of the herd that they are all walking shadows made up of quasi particles from a higher dimension.

The only way that's going to happen is to produce some working models. This is where my little creation was heading when I last had to take on yet another attempt to undermine where I was trying to go with this thread.

So understanding the Alexey was important, and I think we have managed to ruffly decipher the guts of that machine, but an electrostatic dielectric repulsine machine is probably not space capable without having an additional point source vectoring capability, and which may or may not be automatically a consequence of the operational system. That part is still unclear to me personally.

However, these tetrahedrons, or sometimes called arrowheads back in the day, that these appear to be the evolved secondary generation which evolved out of understanding how Universe really works, and reports of these vehicles began in the 1960's.

So now we have to come up with something which can demonstrate how Universe works with simple truths, in a simple reality, and in some sort of simple way, and that was the direction previously with this tetrahedron business. There are only two dimensions. Ours and counterspace.

Now, just imagine the mentality of a group of people who hold this knowledge and deny it to everyone else. This isn't even about national security, it's about our species and our place in the cosmos, and they have with held this knowledge knowingly for an entire lifetime. These are not alien spaceships. Not when we can ourselves can now rationally explain the operating principles. Can there be any higher crime; to hold the entire human race in slavery while they possess the means to cross the galaxy.

This is what uncontrolled wealth has resulted in and it is truly insanity. A completely new level of insanity unmatched by any other in all of recorded history. There is no possible way that someone with my education and intellect can figure out the operating fundamentals and yet somehow have this remain an unknown to the CIA, the Airforce, Navy, or Army, or any of the major aerospace corporations. No possible way.

There is no plausible denial that any of them can claim when you can yourself find that these ships can be explained with simple concepts. No possible excuse or denial can exist. If they are that incompetent then we need to get rid of all of them and start from scratch, but to imagine they are that incompetent is to prove self delusion can be induced through propaganda, specifically aliens and stupid human propaganda, and that propaganda is a form of hypnosis feeding a delusional fixation provided by the medium and massaging the mind to jello. Make no mistake, the human mind is the most powerful computational creation of nature. There is no problem the human mind is incapable of solving.
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