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Guns In America and Why You Might Need One Soon.

Joshua Brown, a key witness in the trial against former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, found dead; shot in the mouth.

This is death squad message stuff right out of the playbook. Oh sure the cops now suddenly say they have three arrest warrants and have this all figured and that there's no connection. Uh huh...yea for sure, right, and I'm a dumb ass cow too stupid to read between the lines. So stupid drunk female cop opens door to wrong apartment and blasts some guy? Reminds me of the two cops playing cops and robbers in an office building that also just happened to have a material witness to the JFK assassination whom also got knocked off accidentally. Then, when everyone else is evidently too frightened to testify against this so called drunken stumble bum, the one guy who does is then found dead with a gun shot to the mouth? However, as immediately after there's a rising call for an inquiry we suddenly have 3 guilty as sin appear, nearly already convicted, with the now deceased explained away as a drug dealer.

Right, it's all solved, cut and dried, go back to shoveling big mack's in your face. Now I forget, but how many day's now since Epstein supposedly committed suicide?

"A Texas jury has given former police officer Amber Guyger a 10-year murder sentence for fatally shooting Botham Jean in his Dallas apartment."

Bloombergs Ghost gives us a completely illogical but official version of reality. No questions asked either. Damn fine investigative journalism if you're a monkey.

"In a press conference Tuesday, Assistant Chief Avery Moore said that Thaddeous Charles Green, 22; Michael Diaz Mitchell, 32; and Jacquerious Mitchell, 20, had traveled from Alexandria, Louisiana, to Dallas—a roughly four and a half hour drive—to purchase drugs from Brown, only to end up exchanging gunfire with him, leaving Brown dead and one of the would-be buyers wounded. Police reported that they had searched Brown’s apartment and found 12 pounds of marijuana, 143 grams of THC cartridges, and $4,000 in cash."

Amazing how quickly they solved this murder, but ya know, somehow I just don't believe one word of it: Not one word> Joshua Brown's murder was unrelated to testifying against the drunk who only got ten years for shooting someone in their own freaking home because she also happened to be a drunken cop?

Yet again she was living next to a drug dealer and didn't even know it huh? Well I suppose being bombed most of the time might explain that, I mean that is if you believe that is what really happened instead of a hit or something; almost like a drug deal gone sour but with the cops, so maybe a really bad idea all round, but ...but... I remain seriously skeptical of this latest official explanation, considering the cross pollination of coke addicts, and can't help but notice it's the Slate and a couple others that are all out front touting the party line with no questions being asked at all! Really fine journalism going on there huh? Probably get the Nobel Prize for Excellence in Journalism. Maybe I'm just naturally suspicious but ya know, don't ya think that this all has a white powdery feel about it, almost like there might be some kind of massive cover up going on where a whole enforcement agency might be corrupt?

John Carpenter said Americans don't want to be enlightened. Maybe he's right considering what's passing for reporting these days.

The Slates Investigative journalism can't compare to Mae Brussels : Course you can't do real reporting when the authorities are also the killers now can you?

Now if this was your kid're brother, you're friend, ...cough...cough...know what I mean, because I'm reading here that this "Drug Dealer" seemed to have a great fear of guns in the first place. Seems to me he just was some ordinary guy who thought he was doing the right thing, unawares that this so called drunken cop story was the best they could come up with in light of what took place, and which probably wasn't supposed to end with Hit Girl heading to Jail for ten years. Probably another game afoot is my take on the whole, but then I can come up with several alternatives to consider, after all it's a little tempting to see all that drug money just sitting there huh, and when you're the only ones who know, who have all the technology, and so it goes that unchecked power always leads to corruption and possibly a whole lot more. It's a slippery slope and that's why the Bills of Rights are our Supreme Laws.

Whether this is all an unfortunate series of events, which tries the patience of reason, or whether it's a true case of retaliation by a death squad, and with some unwitting idiots lassoed into playing their parts in exchange for some unknown promises, well that is something you're going to have decide on your own. As I see it there is plenty here to be highly skeptical about and to recall the reason the Bills of Rights exist and shall not be infringed: Least yea end up terrorized instead of assisted by public servants.

*BTW I Notice Scrub Tube has already eliminated the video on all the dead Korean K-pop stars.
Is it just me who thinks that the most evil people to have ever lived must be in control of every major corporation and news outlet?
Christ sake's I swear to God that they must all have horns and tails. What possible reason could exist for having deleted that specific video other than to hide the facts.

But Wait..There's More

And if you haven't caught G.A.'s latest
‘OK’ hand gesture, ‘Bowlcut’ added to hate symbols database

OK, NOW WE KNOW INSANITY RULES – PART I (Buy his book for Christ Sakes: Tell the spouse that you're buying it because his cat has terminal cancer.)

How this isn't going to be applied against Celeb's is something which seems to have escaped the social engineering designers
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