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REPO and LIBOR problems indicate big liquidity problems in the banks

As the magnetosphere gets weaker, more and more solar flux / particle storm gets through. This flux directly affects the brain and heart. but, solar cycle 25 has only started. The wacky news just gets whackier. A couple hundred years ago, Cardinal Malachi made a list of all the future popes, though not by name,,, by characteristics. The current pope is the LAST on the list.
Lisa Havens reports that the current pope wants to make an interfaith center combining all the Abrahamic religions.
The articles on the right hand column might be interesting.

WIDE reading suggests that the banks have run out of money. Repo locked up because they did not have money to loan. LIBOR also has a problem.

1. GDP hasn’t grown in more than a decade as calculated on a debt-adjusted basis using a realistic deflator.
2. Average real household income has stagnated to the point that families increasingly can’t afford kids. Canada must rely on immigration for growth.
3. Governments—through interest rate suppression —are providing vast hidden subsidies for special interest groups ranging from the fossil fuel and automotive industries to cattle production and real estate development. This is spurring environmental despoliation that free markets would stop cold.
4. Canadian system debts (public, private, household and financial) according to Statistics Canada hit $8.3 trillion at the end of Q2 2019, up 45% since Poloz took office six years ago. That works out to nearly $1 million in debt for each Canadian under the age of 19.

Illinois Red-Light Cameras Have Collected More Than $1B From Drivers Since 2008
US Money Supply Suddenly Surges - Bouncing From A 12-Year Low

There's an election coming.
"Complete Demise" - Neil Woodford's Flagship Equity Fund To Be Liquidated
"We have seen the complete demise of the most famous fund manager the U.K. has seen for years."
IMF Forecasts "Synchronized Global Slowdown" - Weakest Growth 'Since Lehman'
Panic Behind The Scenes: China's Capital Outflows Are Soaring

Maybe they shouldn't have messed with Hong Kong.
Futures, Yuan Slide As China Threatens Retaliation Over US House Bill On Hong Kong

China Pork Prices "Will Continue To Rise Sharply", Analysts
"Every week it's a new record."
China is unfolding an Orwellian crackdown at the same time that food prices are rising.
Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers Seeing "Massive Crop Losses...As Devastating As We've Ever Seen"
"An unprecedented October blizzard that hit just before harvest time has absolutely devastated farms all across the U.S. heartland. "
Is it HAARP or, is it Memorex?
The Economic Collapse
So have American farmers been blasted by HAARP to make the food situtaion in China that much worse?
Investors Panic-Sell Saudi Stocks As Bear Market Erupts
Saudi is going broke FAST.

From the Left;
Waffling Warren Confirms Gender-Reassignment Surgery Is Now A Right
Pedophile Who Assaulted Nearly 200 Kids Stabbed To Death In Prison

I'll bet that was quite painful. The cons really detest child molesters.
Hillary Clinton Says It May Take Her 'More Time' To Grasp Person With Penis Can Identify As Woman
Twitter Paves Way For Trump Ban With New Content Rules For World Leaders
Just in time for election season...

"Governments can do whatever they desire. We have no recourse against governments. No private company could act in such a manner. This is one primary reason why I believe governments should be prohibited from borrowing. People are fools for buying their paper and always expecting that this time will be different."

"You repeatedly say that Socialism is dying. I live in a rural area of Oregon. As a personal observation, what I see around here is that more people, and especially the younger, are indeed moving TOWARD Socialism. The influence of the media is so strong that even people we know who advocate gun rights and the Constitution are willing to give up both to see Trump out of office and love the Bernie rhetoric of free everything."
"ANSWER: Socialism is dying because other people’s money is running out. Yes, we see that socialism is rising in its extreme actions from climate change being usurped to justify the confiscation of wealth and control of the economy."
"This is the final rally of socialism before the crash. It is more akin to the final Phase Transition of a market as it makes its fatal high like the Bubble, 1929, or Tokyo 1989.

So do not confuse the rise in the outward demands of socialism. We are running out of other people’s money and the unfunded promises will reach $400 trillion by 2032. There is no possible way to fund that without a crash & burn."
"We are in the collapse of government and the socialistic promises since World War II are all coming due. Economically, this is a battle to the end. The left wants to confiscate all the wealth of the right. This is the end of the purpose of civilization and the beginning of pure tyranny."
Armstrong definitely turns a blind eye to the effects of automation.

A good article on failed banks.
The Ghosts of Failed Banks Have Returned - Alasdair Macleod (10/15/2019) -

Socialism is the great de-motivator. Every economy that it seeps into becomes moribund. Social security was supposed to support people after their working years were over.
As automation took over, fewer and fewer people were qualified for the remaining jobs.

How many people have never worked in their lives? - Full Fact › economy › how-many-people-have-never-worked-the...

Feb 11, 2013 - As it was revealed that 4 million people in Britain have never worked in their lives, today's headlines accused Britons of idleness. But how many ...
If nearly 40% of Americans aren't working, what are they doing ... › if-nearly-40-of-americans-arent-working-what-are-they-d...

Oct 13, 2015 - The most recent US jobs numbers masked a dark story. Unemployment held steady at 5.1%, but only 59.2% of Americans have a job.

44 million receive direct government assistance. 51% receive a check from GOV. So, what happens when the sovereign bond market collapses? The banks are already in deep trouble.

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